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Hey, Stranger.

I haven’t blogged in FOREVER (well, like a year).

And while I’m not apologizing about it, I feel the need to explain myself.

1) I am SUPER bad about taking good pictures of the things I make. Mostly because it’s normally dark out when I finish projects, or my roots are really bad, or I haven’t figured out the whole “take the pictures by myself” thing and am too embarrassed to ask my husband to take them. This means I also tend to not get good costume pictures in the process.

I will however post about my Bulma because I have tons of pictures of her (even if they are casual shots and nothing fancy). Because she’s my favorite.

2) I’m not really doing any cosplay for myself this year, but taking on quite a few commissions. They are mostly commissions where I’m only doing a piece or two for it, so it’s really nothing to write home about.

3) For at least the last year I’ve been suffering from pretty bad depression, and in the process finding out I am most likely manic depressive (which makes complete sense now, looking back on things). All this is something I never realized before because I thought it was normal. That’s the scary part about depression, you get so used to it, you don’t realize it’s even there. And it normally takes an outside person to help you.  But I didn’t have energy, I felt trapped, my already low self-esteem was really in the dumpster, and struggling with a lot of body issues. I basically wanted to disappear.

And when you feel that way, blogging just seems like too much.

Luckily, I started seeing doctors back in February, and finally feel up blogging. And by “up to blogging” I mean I’ve totally missed it.

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Relateable Characters (A 5 Fandom Friday… on Monday)

Awhile back a friend of mine tagged me on Facebook to post 5 characters that I identified with. And I felt awful because I couldn’t think of more than one. So I thought on it, asked my husband, asked my friends to no real avail. There’s characters I LOVE, but identify with? That’s much harder for me. I was just going to pick Chi 5 times, but that defeats the purpose I suppose.

I don’t know if it’s being married to a writer hobbyist, or overanalyzing every media I consume due to working in advertising, but instead of being “Oh yeah, that’s me.” I tend to love characters for their own development instead of how they relate to me. Especially since most characters have specific exaggerations that make them more of who they are. Or I’m over thinking it because that’s what I do. But that said, I think I have some sort of list that maybe encompasses who I am or relate to. I’m also taking vast liberty with 5.

And since I realize I haven’t given you large opportunities to get to know me, it should be fun.

Chi – Chi’s sweet home

Enthusiastic, happy, easily entertained, wears her emotions on her sleeve (er… paw?), and is easily tamed by the idea of food. She loves to explore and learn about the world around her. I love Chi so much I keep a folder of Chi gifs on my desktop for every occasion.

Steven Universe/Rose Quartz – Steven Universe
tumblr_inline_nod73rtxY01rbmah6_540If you watch the show, technically Steve and Rose are kinda the same person but not really. On one hand, I love Steven and relate to him for the same reasons as Chi. He has this enthusiasm, love for life, love of puns, great sense of humor, and also caring. I’m assuming the caring comes from his mom.

But Rose? The moment I saw her, even with knowing so little about her, knew we shared some bond. I mean, she has healing tears! If that doesn’t speak to her character I don’t know what does. Plus, she chose Greg, who is by far my most favorite character.

The Amars – Princess Jellyfish (Kuragehime)

amarsI can’t say I relate to only one of these ladies (and honorary gentleman) but aspects of all them are so relatable. They are all Otaku to extremes, but I can see myself in each and every one.

Belle – Beauty and the Beast

Maybe it’s the artist in me that loves her so much, but Belle had a profound impact on my life as a child. I wanted more, too. And I was like, 8 when it came out? I remember gasping and my heart skipping a beat when this happened:

And it still does.

But she also was the reason I tried to look past outward apprearances and get to know people. And for that I am forever grateful.

Jean Grey/Steve Rogers (Captain America)
Ok, those two don’t exactly make the most sense right next to each other, but I love them for the same reason. They are both a voice of reason, they both try to be a moral compass and do what’s right, and they both aren’t perfect.

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 3.35.53 PM

I’ve loved and Identified with Jean since I was in grade school. She was good, she was a total bad ass when she needed to be. And then she, like, forever died (I don’t count her from the past now in the present for who knows how long because I don’t like who that Jean is. She’s not the Jean I love).

Captain_America_HeadBut Cap I love for the exact same reasons. He has a calling to do what’s right, to watch out for others, to instill goodness into the world, to think beyond himself. He’s amazing.

I can only aspire to be as strong and caring as these two.

What characters do you relate to? Have they shaped you as a person?

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Weekly round-up

Binding header

Guys, I’m not gonna lie: I’m really obsessed with Kimonos right now, so I’ll try to keep this roundup as Kimono-light as possible. Luckily, the husband and I saw the new Avengers: Age of Ultron last night, so it won’t be all Kimono all the time.

I know the pictures have been out awhile, but seriously, how great is that Ombré jacket Wanda wears?

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 10.10.07 AM

I’ve been spending a decent amount time trying to find Ombré leather dying tutorials online, and coming up with nada, but here’s a basic leather dying tutorial to get you started on experimenting. Thanks e-how! I’m pretty sure the rusty nail or the tea option is the best way to get an even ombré.


Just love the Ombré look but not comfortable working with leather? Why not ombré a cotton twill then wax it? Costume designer Alexandra Byrne (my personal costuming hero and costume designer for a good share of the Marvel movies including Age of Ultron) has used a variety ways giving wovens unique finishes to emulate and pair with leather.

How to Ombré dip dye

Otter Wax tutorial video

I’ve done a lot (and I mean A LOT) of research concerning kimonos in a very short period of time. Did you know most Kimono silk is still hand painted? And you have to apprentice for a minimum of 7 years! It’s a process called Yuzen, and it’s really impressive to watch.

I’ve been watching Death Parade (stupid name, really interesting anime). The opening song is so much fun and is done by a band named Bradio. Here’s it is to jump start your weekend! Have a great one!

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To new beginnings

Seams Geeky, when I set up this blog years ago was just going to be
another sewing blog with a strong emphasis on cosplay, a new found
passion of mine at the time. But let’s just say I’m taking cosplay to
another level in my life, and want to bring you along on the journey.
Hopefully, this means being a little more active on here.

I spent a lot of 2014 skill developing. I realized in 2013 that
sewing, and cosplay specifically, is something I love more than just a
hobby, I have a strong passion for it. Making things, wearing things,
and learning all the while. And I want to share some of my learning
with you. The cosplay/costuming community is such a cool place because
for the most part we are just kind of feeling our way along and making
things work, even though it might feel like we don’t know what the
heck we’re doing. But we make amazing things, and keep pushing
boundaries, which is so exciting and exhilarating!

So what’s new for Seams Geeky? A lot. Expect some pretty exciting
things moving forward!

To start with, besides my random meaning thoughts, and projects I’m
working on, I’ll be posting a lot more and developing some tutorials
and tutorial videos so we can all grow together!

Thanks for being a part of it! I’m really excited to share it with you!

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Where I Talk about the Wonderful World of ComiCostuming

Awhile back I nervously did a talk about Cosplay at Ignite Memphis. I thought I’d share the video for all who couldn’t be there:

Fun Fact:

  • I was still riding my Dragon*Con high when I submitted the idea, and was super sure I was going to vomit all over the stage.
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Puttin’ On the Ritz

Just a quick post to show off Mine and Zach’s costumes from my work’s 1920s themed holiday party.

I realized I ended up making both our costumes because Zach had ended up wearing pirate pants from his Science Pirate costume from a few Halloweens back. I worked really hard on this dress, and am so sad we didn’t take a full length picture! Luckily we have these because of the photobooth they set up at the party. I’ll be sure to showcase the outfit in it’s full glory (and color) soon. Along with my griping about how awful 1920s fashion is. I’ll admit it now, it’s mostly because I can’t wear it.


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A rather rough start

A very short introduction:

I decided after slaving over costumes for the 2011 Dragon*con, I was going to start a blog about making cosplay costumes and just geeking out of sewing.

As all good plans, they get waylaid by silly things like getting in shape.

I went with a bunch of friends to Dragon*con this year in September, and by the beginning of October, My fiancé and I decided to get fit via P90X. I’m sure I’ll elaborate on this much later, once we complete the program at the end of the year. Because of all the rapid body changes you go through (I lost an inch around my waist int he first month!) I swore off all sewing until we become “P90X Graduates.” This can make a sewing blog look like a ghost town.

But I have some exciting ideas for 2012, and a dress form in the mail as a birthday present, so I’m sure we’ll get off to a good start soon enough.

Until then, some things to look forward to:

  • I plan on doing a few sew-a-longs including (but not limited to) a corset and a blazer
  • Creating a wardrobe that works with your style
  • I’ve got some great costume ideas for 2012, and I’ll work them step by step with you
  • Recreating retro looks
  • Organizing my sewing room (that’s more for me)

I have a lot more planned, but we’ll start there.

Stay geeky!