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A rather rough start

A very short introduction:

I decided after slaving over costumes for the 2011 Dragon*con, I was going to start a blog about making cosplay costumes and just geeking out of sewing.

As all good plans, they get waylaid by silly things like getting in shape.

I went with a bunch of friends to Dragon*con this year in September, and by the beginning of October, My fianc√© and I decided to get fit via P90X. I’m sure I’ll elaborate on this much later, once we complete the program at the end of the year. Because of all the rapid body changes you go through (I lost an inch around my waist int he first month!) I swore off all sewing until we become “P90X Graduates.” This can make a sewing blog look like a ghost town.

But I have some exciting ideas for 2012, and a dress form in the mail as a birthday present, so I’m sure we’ll get off to a good start soon enough.

Until then, some things to look forward to:

  • I plan on doing a few sew-a-longs including (but not limited to) a corset and a blazer
  • Creating a wardrobe that works with your style
  • I’ve got some great costume ideas for 2012, and I’ll work them step by step with you
  • Recreating retro looks
  • Organizing my sewing room (that’s more for me)

I have a lot more planned, but we’ll start there.

Stay geeky!