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Hey, Stranger.

I haven’t blogged in FOREVER (well, like a year).

And while I’m not apologizing about it, I feel the need to explain myself.

1) I am SUPER bad about taking good pictures of the things I make. Mostly because it’s normally dark out when I finish projects, or my roots are really bad, or I haven’t figured out the whole “take the pictures by myself” thing and am too embarrassed to ask my husband to take them. This means I also tend to not get good costume pictures in the process.

I will however post about my Bulma because I have tons of pictures of her (even if they are casual shots and nothing fancy). Because she’s my favorite.

2) I’m not really doing any cosplay for myself this year, but taking on quite a few commissions. They are mostly commissions where I’m only doing a piece or two for it, so it’s really nothing to write home about.

3) For at least the last year I’ve been suffering from pretty bad depression, and in the process finding out I am most likely manic depressive (which makes complete sense now, looking back on things). All this is something I never realized before because I thought it was normal. That’s the scary part about depression, you get so used to it, you don’t realize it’s even there. And it normally takes an outside person to help you.  But I didn’t have energy, I felt trapped, my already low self-esteem was really in the dumpster, and struggling with a lot of body issues. I basically wanted to disappear.

And when you feel that way, blogging just seems like too much.

Luckily, I started seeing doctors back in February, and finally feel up blogging. And by “up to blogging” I mean I’ve totally missed it.