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To new beginnings

Seams Geeky, when I set up this blog years ago was just going to be
another sewing blog with a strong emphasis on cosplay, a new found
passion of mine at the time. But let’s just say I’m taking cosplay to
another level in my life, and want to bring you along on the journey.
Hopefully, this means being a little more active on here.

I spent a lot of 2014 skill developing. I realized in 2013 that
sewing, and cosplay specifically, is something I love more than just a
hobby, I have a strong passion for it. Making things, wearing things,
and learning all the while. And I want to share some of my learning
with you. The cosplay/costuming community is such a cool place because
for the most part we are just kind of feeling our way along and making
things work, even though it might feel like we don’t know what the
heck we’re doing. But we make amazing things, and keep pushing
boundaries, which is so exciting and exhilarating!

So what’s new for Seams Geeky? A lot. Expect some pretty exciting
things moving forward!

To start with, besides my random meaning thoughts, and projects I’m
working on, I’ll be posting a lot more and developing some tutorials
and tutorial videos so we can all grow together!

Thanks for being a part of it! I’m really excited to share it with you!