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Relateable Characters (A 5 Fandom Friday… on Monday)

Awhile back a friend of mine tagged me on Facebook to post 5 characters that I identified with. And I felt awful because I couldn’t think of more than one. So I thought on it, asked my husband, asked my friends to no real avail. There’s characters I LOVE, but identify with? That’s much harder for me. I was just going to pick Chi 5 times, but that defeats the purpose I suppose.

I don’t know if it’s being married to a writer hobbyist, or overanalyzing every media I consume due to working in advertising, but instead of being “Oh yeah, that’s me.” I tend to love characters for their own development instead of how they relate to me. Especially since most characters have specific exaggerations that make them more of who they are. Or I’m over thinking it because that’s what I do. But that said, I think I have some sort of list that maybe encompasses who I am or relate to. I’m also taking vast liberty with 5.

And since I realize I haven’t given you large opportunities to get to know me, it should be fun.

Chi – Chi’s sweet home

Enthusiastic, happy, easily entertained, wears her emotions on her sleeve (er… paw?), and is easily tamed by the idea of food. She loves to explore and learn about the world around her. I love Chi so much I keep a folder of Chi gifs on my desktop for every occasion.

Steven Universe/Rose Quartz – Steven Universe
tumblr_inline_nod73rtxY01rbmah6_540If you watch the show, technically Steve and Rose are kinda the same person but not really. On one hand, I love Steven and relate to him for the same reasons as Chi. He has this enthusiasm, love for life, love of puns, great sense of humor, and also caring. I’m assuming the caring comes from his mom.

But Rose? The moment I saw her, even with knowing so little about her, knew we shared some bond. I mean, she has healing tears! If that doesn’t speak to her character I don’t know what does. Plus, she chose Greg, who is by far my most favorite character.

The Amars – Princess Jellyfish (Kuragehime)

amarsI can’t say I relate to only one of these ladies (and honorary gentleman) but aspects of all them are so relatable. They are all Otaku to extremes, but I can see myself in each and every one.

Belle – Beauty and the Beast

Maybe it’s the artist in me that loves her so much, but Belle had a profound impact on my life as a child. I wanted more, too. And I was like, 8 when it came out? I remember gasping and my heart skipping a beat when this happened:

And it still does.

But she also was the reason I tried to look past outward apprearances and get to know people. And for that I am forever grateful.

Jean Grey/Steve Rogers (Captain America)
Ok, those two don’t exactly make the most sense right next to each other, but I love them for the same reason. They are both a voice of reason, they both try to be a moral compass and do what’s right, and they both aren’t perfect.

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 3.35.53 PM

I’ve loved and Identified with Jean since I was in grade school. She was good, she was a total bad ass when she needed to be. And then she, like, forever died (I don’t count her from the past now in the present for who knows how long because I don’t like who that Jean is. She’s not the Jean I love).

Captain_America_HeadBut Cap I love for the exact same reasons. He has a calling to do what’s right, to watch out for others, to instill goodness into the world, to think beyond himself. He’s amazing.

I can only aspire to be as strong and caring as these two.

What characters do you relate to? Have they shaped you as a person?

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